Fall is coming…with apple picking!

What will you think of the fall in Wisconsin? Colorful forests or sweet pumpkins? The answer from Zhu-Barker lab is an apple-picking adventure at Stutter’s Ridge Farm with Freedman lab! In Wisconsin, it’s definitely a “thing to do”! And be careful with the Camero apple, cause it tastes like “Perfume”(by Dr. Zhu-Barker)/ “Air freshener” (by Yanyu) / “A car” (by Vincent).


Agronomy-Soils Field Day!

On Aug 30, Zhu-Barker lab went to UW-Arlington Agricultural Research Station to give an outreach to the locals! You can find Dr. Zhu-Barker and Josh Mirabella giving a concise presentation named Assessing manure-based products’ impact on silage corn nitrogen dynamics and environmental footprint. at stop 4. A good practice of the Wisconsin Idea!